mostly japanese curry but not really

vegan // 45min




  1. Chop onions, carrots, potatoes, and protein into cubes.
  2. Mince green onions and garlic.
  3. Put oil, carrots, garlic, onions, and 1/2 of your green onions in a pot and saute at high heat for a few minutes, until slightly browned.
  4. Add protein into the pot. Brown at high heat (don’t cook all the way).
  5. Add water/broth and bring to a boil.
  6. Add curry roux, curry powder 2 and potato cubes.
  7. Boil lightly until protein is cooked and potatoes are soft. It might be necessary to add more water 2
  8. Top with remaining green onions and sesame.


  1. For stronger curry, add more yellow curry powder.
  2. Curry will dry out if refrigerated, so it’s fine to be slightly runny when fresh.